Елена Прудникова. 2019

 Prudnikova Elena Sergeevna

Born on July 27th, 1987 in Chita. In 1997 graduated from Chita college of music, majoring in fine arts. In 2000-2007 studied in St-Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts named after I.E.Repin, at the faculty of painting (department chaired by S.D.Kichko, V.V.Zagonek), graduated with honours, was marked by a praize from the State Examination Board.
Member of the Russian Artists’ Union from 2008.
Gold medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, 2007
Prize-winner of the All-Russia Youth Exhibition in Moscow, 2010
Diploma of the winner of the youth exhibition “Hope 8” Russian Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, 2010
1st price at National Pastel Society online exhibition.


2001 — Exhibition at the Memorial estate of A.S.Pushkin in the Pushkin Mountains
2003 — Exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Saint-Petersburg. Switzerland, Lugano
2003 — Exhibition of drawings. Lebanon
2004 — Exhibition of drawings. Korea, Seoul
2005 — 2016 — “Autumn-Spring” exhibition of the Union of Artists. St-Petersburg
2003-2005 — Exhibition “From avant-garde to the present day” of the Union of Artists. St-Petersburg
2004 — Exhibition “St. Petersburg Days in Italy”. Fudzhi
2004 — Exhibition “First visit”. Stockholm, the Royal Academy of Arts
2005 — Exhibition “New Names”. Latvia, Riga
2006 — Exhibition “The Art of St. Petersburg”, the Netherlands, Delft
2007 — Exhibition of diploma works. Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
2007 — Exhibition of diplomas devoted to the 250th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow Manege
2007 — Member of the “Youth Exhibition” at the Union of Artists of Russia. Moscow
2008 — Exhibition “My Motherland”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2008 — Exhibition “Russian Landscape”. China, Beijing
2008 — The traveling exhibition “Big Volga”
2009 — All-Russia Exhibition “Russia 11”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2010 — All-Russia exhibition dedicated to 65th anniversary of the Second World War “Victory”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2010 — Exhibition “Mother and Child”, St. Petersburg Chapel
2010 — Exhibition devoted to I.E.Repin at Penates (Manor Repin) 28.10. — 28.11
2010 — All-Russia Youth Exhibition. Moscow, Central House of Artists, 10.10-27.10
2010 — Exhibition of young artists “Hope 8” CX Saint-Petersburg
2011 — “Christmas Exhibition” in the gallery “Easel”, St. Petersburg
2011 — Exhibition “Spring mood” 01.03.- 27.04. Gallery “Easel”, St. Petersburg
2011 — Exhibition “Zoocluture”, Union of Artists, St. Petersburg
2011, 2012 — Exhibition dedicated to the Victory Day in the St. Petersburg Union of Artist
2011 — Exhibition “Painting of Russia Artists”. Italy, Bulgari, June.
Exhibition “Painting of Russian artists”. Italy, Pardenone, September
2012 — Exhibition “Journey to Italy”. Italy in the art of contemporary St. Petersburg artists. Museum and Exhibition Center “Hermitage-Vyborg” January-March. (The exhibition “Italian painting and sculpture of the Baroque” in the Hermitage).
2012 — Exhibition of portraits at the gallery “Moss 18”, February and March. St. Petersburg
2012 — Jubilee exhibition “80 years of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists” at the Manege of Saint-Petersburg. June-July.
2012 — Exhibition “Impression”, Gallery “Art Hall”. Vyborg. 11.07.- 12.08
2013 — All-Russian exhibition “Russian North”. Syktyvkar, October-November
2013 — Exhibition devoted to V.N.Thelin in the Russian Union of Artists. Moscow, Pokrovka 3
2014 — All-Russia Exhibition “Russia 12”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2015 — International exhibition “Victory”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2015 — All-Russian exhibition “For the Motherland!”. Nizhny Novgorod
2017 — All-Russian exhibition “Liki Rossii”, Arkhangelsk.
2017 — Jubilee exhibition “85 years of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists”, Saint-Petersburg.
2017 — Exhibition “Solovki”, Saint-Petersburg.
2017 — Exhibition “Window to Croatia”, Saint-Petersburg.
2017 — Exhibition “Russian mosaic”, Zagreb, Croatia.
2017 — 12th All-Russian plein air, Kirov.
2018 — Art project “Balkan bridges”, Vyborg.
2018 — Exhibition “Cat portrait”, Saint-Petersburg.
2018 — Exhibition “Our Petersburg”, Vyborg.
2019 — Exhibition “Drawing of St. Petersburg artists”, Saint-Petersburg.
2019 — Exhibition “The magic of white nights”, Saint-Petersburg.
2019 — All-Russian Exhibition “From the Great War to the Great Troubles”, Ekaterinburg
2019 — All-Russian Exhibition “Our world. New reality”, Moscow
2019 — Participant-winner of a major competitive exhibition project in honor of the Rembrandt Year ‘Lang Leve Rembrandt’, organized by Rijksmuseum, Netherlands, Amsterdam
2019 — Participation in the All-Russian traveling exhibition ’Picturesque Russia’ Moscow, Kirov.

Personal exhibitions:

2008 — Exhibition “Russian Spring” (with Makarov A.V.) May-September, Moscow Mayor’s Office
2009 — Exhibition “Reflection” (with Makarov A.V.) in the Art Café, Griboyedov Canal 22
2009 — Exhibition “Harmony of life” in the gallery “Art object” (with Makarov A.V.)
2009 — Exhibition “Harmony of life” (with A.V.Makarov) in Novocheboksarsk Art Museum
2009 — Exhibition in the St. Petersburg Union of Artists in White Hall, October (with Makarov A.V.)
2009 — Exhibition dedicated to the singer Pelageya in Oktyabrsky Concert Hall on November 14, the day of her concert
2010 — Exhibition (with Makarov A.V.) at the Geological Research Institute “VSEGEI”, February, Saint-Petersburg
2012 — Exhibition of the Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, in the White Hall in the painting section. April
2012 — Exhibition in the Moscow City Hall, dedicated to the Day of Moscow. September 1 — December 29
2013 — Exhibition “Face, profile, three quarters …” with Alexandra Nedzvetskaya, 5 — 17 February, Union of Artists, St. Petersburg
2013 — Exhibition in the framework of the project “Women’s Vision” in the gallery of the Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg. 5-18 March.
2014 — Exhibition “Bright days” in the exhibition center Hermitage-Vyborg, 06.03. — 10. 04
2015 — Exhibition “Rus, Russia, Motherland”. Theater-exhibition complex “Gostinka —Art” of the Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor. 12-30 September, St. Petersburg (together with Daria Antipina, Anna Kajal, Daria Kollegova, Natalia Pushnina, Yury Vasiliev, Rostislav Ivanov).
2016 — exhibition “Shores” at the Russian Union of Artists 29.06 — 15.07, Moscow, ul. Pokrovka 37 (together with I. Pyankov, A.Nedzvetskaya, K. Grachev, E. Gracheva.)
2016 — Exhibition “Listening to the silence …” at the Exhibition Center “Hermitage” 01.10 — 01.11, Vyborg (with I. Pyankov)
2016 — 2017 — Exhibition “Shores”, Saint-Petersburg.
2019 — Exhibition “Through time” ( with works by Prudnikov S.E. ) Vladivostok.
2019 — “1650 shades of crayon”, Saint-Petersburg.

Publications: “Arts Council”, July-August 2009. “The family of artists. Face to face or back to back”. “Russian gallery of 21st century”, 1-2, 2009. “Harmony and joy of life”.

Elena’s works are in private collections in Russia and abroad as well as in the museums: Novocheboksarsk Art Museum, Ulyanovsk Regional Art Museum, the exhibition center Hermitage-Vyborg.