Елена Прудникова. 2019

 Prudnikova Elena Sergeevna

Born on July 27th, 1987 in Chita. In 1997 graduated from Chita college of music, majoring in fine arts. In 2000-2007 studied in St-Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts named after I.E.Repin, at the faculty of painting (department chaired by S.D.Kichko, V.V.Zagonek), graduated with honours, was marked by a praize from the State Examination Board.
Member of the Russian Artists’ Union from 2008
Gold medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, 2007
Prize-winner of the All-Russia Youth Exhibition in Moscow, 2010
Diploma of the winner of the youth exhibition “Hope 8” Russian Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, 2010
1st price at National Pastel Society online exhibition, 2020
Second Place: The Central Mass Pastel Society, 2020
Silver Award: Great Lake pastel Society, 2020
Silver Award: Robert and Patricia Suggs Award, Pastel Society of the West Coast, 2020
Best in show, First place, Pastel Society of Maine, 2020
Gift of Anonymous Donor, Pastel Society of America, 2020


2001 — Exhibition at the Memorial estate of A.S.Pushkin in the Pushkin Mountains
2003 — Exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Saint-Petersburg. Switzerland, Lugano
2003 — Exhibition of drawings. Lebanon
2004 — Exhibition of drawings. Korea, Seoul
2005 — 2016 — “Autumn-Spring” exhibition of the Union of Artists. St-Petersburg
2003-2005 — Exhibition “From avant-garde to the present day” of the Union of Artists. St-Petersburg
2004 — Exhibition “St. Petersburg Days in Italy”. Fudzhi
2004 — Exhibition “First visit”. Stockholm, the Royal Academy of Arts
2005 — Exhibition “New Names”. Latvia, Riga
2006 — Exhibition “The Art of St. Petersburg”, the Netherlands, Delft
2007 — Exhibition of diploma works. Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
2007 — Exhibition of diplomas devoted to the 250th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow Manege
2007 — Member of the “Youth Exhibition” at the Union of Artists of Russia. Moscow
2008 — Exhibition “My Motherland”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2008 — Exhibition “Russian Landscape”. China, Beijing
2008 — The traveling exhibition “Big Volga”
2009 — All-Russia Exhibition “Russia 11”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2010 — All-Russia exhibition dedicated to 65th anniversary of the Second World War “Victory”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2010 — Exhibition “Mother and Child”, St. Petersburg Chapel
2010 — Exhibition devoted to I.E.Repin at Penates (Manor Repin) 28.10. — 28.11
2010 — All-Russia Youth Exhibition. Moscow, Central House of Artists, 10.10-27.10
2010 — Exhibition of young artists “Hope 8” CX Saint-Petersburg
2011 — “Christmas Exhibition” in the gallery “Easel”, St. Petersburg
2011 — Exhibition “Spring mood” 01.03.- 27.04. Gallery “Easel”, St. Petersburg
2011 — Exhibition “Zoocluture”, Union of Artists, St. Petersburg
2011, 2012 — Exhibition dedicated to the Victory Day in the St. Petersburg Union of Artist
2011 — Exhibition “Painting of Russia Artists”. Italy, Bulgari, June.
Exhibition “Painting of Russian artists”. Italy, Pardenone, September
2012 — Exhibition “Journey to Italy”. Italy in the art of contemporary St. Petersburg artists. Museum and Exhibition Center “Hermitage-Vyborg” January-March. (The exhibition “Italian painting and sculpture of the Baroque” in the Hermitage).
2012 — Exhibition of portraits at the gallery “Moss 18”, February and March. St. Petersburg
2012 — Jubilee exhibition “80 years of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists” at the Manege of Saint-Petersburg. June-July.
2012 — Exhibition “Impression”, Gallery “Art Hall”. Vyborg. 11.07.- 12.08
2013 — All-Russian exhibition “Russian North”. Syktyvkar, October-November
2013 — Exhibition devoted to V.N.Thelin in the Russian Union of Artists. Moscow, Pokrovka 3
2014 — All-Russia Exhibition “Russia 12”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2015 — International exhibition “Victory”. Moscow, Central House of Artists
2015 — All-Russian exhibition “For the Motherland!”. Nizhny Novgorod
2017 — All-Russian exhibition “Liki Rossii”, Arkhangelsk.
2017 — Jubilee exhibition “85 years of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists”, Saint-Petersburg.
2017 — Exhibition “Solovki”, Saint-Petersburg.
2017 — Exhibition “Window to Croatia”, Saint-Petersburg.
2017 — Exhibition “Russian mosaic”, Zagreb, Croatia.
2017 — 12th All-Russian plein air, Kirov.
2018 — Art project “Balkan bridges”, Vyborg.
2018 — Exhibition “Cat portrait”, Saint-Petersburg.
2018 — Exhibition “Our Petersburg”, Vyborg.
2019 — Exhibition “Drawing of St. Petersburg artists”, Saint-Petersburg.
2019 — Exhibition “The magic of white nights”, Saint-Petersburg.
2019 — All-Russian Exhibition “From the Great War to the Great Troubles”, Ekaterinburg
2019 — All-Russian Exhibition “Our world. New reality”, Moscow
2019 — Participant-winner of a major competitive exhibition project in honor of the Rembrandt Year ‘Lang Leve Rembrandt’, organized by Rijksmuseum, Netherlands, Amsterdam
2019 — Participation in the All-Russian traveling exhibition ’Picturesque Russia’ Moscow, Kirov.

Personal exhibitions:

2008 — Exhibition “Russian Spring” (with Makarov A.V.) May-September, Moscow Mayor’s Office
2009 — Exhibition “Reflection” (with Makarov A.V.) in the Art Café, Griboyedov Canal 22
2009 — Exhibition “Harmony of life” in the gallery “Art object” (with Makarov A.V.)
2009 — Exhibition “Harmony of life” (with A.V.Makarov) in Novocheboksarsk Art Museum
2009 — Exhibition in the St. Petersburg Union of Artists in White Hall, October (with Makarov A.V.)
2009 — Exhibition dedicated to the singer Pelageya in Oktyabrsky Concert Hall on November 14, the day of her concert
2010 — Exhibition (with Makarov A.V.) at the Geological Research Institute “VSEGEI”, February, Saint-Petersburg
2012 — Exhibition of the Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, in the White Hall in the painting section. April
2012 — Exhibition in the Moscow City Hall, dedicated to the Day of Moscow. September 1 — December 29
2013 — Exhibition “Face, profile, three quarters …” with Alexandra Nedzvetskaya, 5 — 17 February, Union of Artists, St. Petersburg
2013 — Exhibition in the framework of the project “Women’s Vision” in the gallery of the Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg. 5-18 March.
2014 — Exhibition “Bright days” in the exhibition center Hermitage-Vyborg, 06.03. — 10. 04
2015 — Exhibition “Rus, Russia, Motherland”. Theater-exhibition complex “Gostinka —Art” of the Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor. 12-30 September, St. Petersburg (together with Daria Antipina, Anna Kajal, Daria Kollegova, Natalia Pushnina, Yury Vasiliev, Rostislav Ivanov).
2016 — exhibition “Shores” at the Russian Union of Artists 29.06 — 15.07, Moscow, ul. Pokrovka 37 (together with I. Pyankov, A.Nedzvetskaya, K. Grachev, E. Gracheva.)
2016 — Exhibition “Listening to the silence …” at the Exhibition Center “Hermitage” 01.10 — 01.11, Vyborg (with I. Pyankov)
2016 — 2017 — Exhibition “Shores”, Saint-Petersburg.
2019 — Exhibition “Through time” ( with works by Prudnikov S.E. ) Vladivostok.
2019 — “1650 shades of crayon”, Saint-Petersburg.

Publications: “Arts Council”, July-August 2009. “The family of artists. Face to face or back to back”. “Russian gallery of 21st century”, 1-2, 2009. “Harmony and joy of life”.

Elena’s works are in private collections in Russia and abroad as well as in the museums: Novocheboksarsk Art Museum, Ulyanovsk Regional Art Museum, the exhibition center Hermitage-Vyborg.